Why is Blogging important to Social Media

Blogging is important to social media because it you own it and can control that space as well as develop a social database of people that will subscribe to you in three ways:

  1. They will subscribe via RSS feeds
  2. They will subscribe via email opt-ins
  3. They will subscribe via text messaging list

Besides building a three way database that is an asset to your business, you can control the flow of traffic from social media.  When you post interesting content on your blog then report it in a post on social media, all of the traffic comes to you and not the source of the content you are posting on.  It is called blog curation.    You blog about or report about content you do not own on your blog and post the report over on social media.  Think about a news cast.  Lots of times you will hear the news caster say “Associated Press Reports that…..”   while they wrap discussion before and after the AP news including their paid ad spots.

Blog curation is the same way.  If you see a great video, you report an intro to the video on your blog, insert the video in the middle with a link back to the source then an outro.  Now post over your news report to the social media outlets and that brings people to you and not the source of the news directly.  It is how HuffingtonPost.com got started before they had real reporters.


So the big benefit in this approach is that your blog gets the traffic, not the source.

Finally when blog curation is used in combination with social media, the actual blog post gets shared from one person to the next.  Google indexes some Facebook content and will bring YOUR Businesses blog content to the top of the search results for related search terms because people are sharing it on social media.

The new Google algorithym seeks new and relevant content related to search terms.  When writing blog articles or doing blog curation, use keyword rich titles that queue the search engines to what you have to offer.

Also when you post your content to your blog, if you set it up right, you can broadcast the content to other social media outlets and blog news servers called “Ping Servers”.

These ping servers alert other blogs and content servers that you have posted fresh new content drawing even more people back to your site.


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